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A huge thanks to all of those who have helped make the Big Bike Film Night possible…

Much gratitude is due to the companies and organisations that have supported us from the very beginning. They are true friends of this event who really see the BIG picture! They have provided encouragement and ideas, equipment or helped promote the Big Bike Film Night. Please support them too.

Come join us on the ride (become a supporter)

There are heaps of opportunities to partner with The Big Big Film Night.

Find out more about how you can get involved, whether it is sponsoring us with goods or equipment, providing spot prizes, combining with a product launch, or placement packages, the options are varied and we’re keen to discuss what works best for you.

We can prepare a Proposal that is flexible, creative and bespoke (had to add that) for you and your organisation.

“Na to rourou, na taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi”
“With your food basket and my food basket, the people will thrive.”

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