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The Big Bike Film Night

We’re sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you.

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The Big Bike Film Night

We’re sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you.

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A sunday in hell

"Arguably the best film ever made about professional cycling" - Peter Cowie

Brisbane only

Made a movie About biking?

We are now accepting submissions for short films from around the world for 2020.

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A mix of film and bikey types help put this together

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The Big Bike Film Night is an evening dedicated to the love of cycling; and pedaling alongside us is our partner the Cycle Chic Film Tour celebrating, inspiring and encouraging women who love to bike.

As well as these two short film fests,  we have the Big Bike Film Night ‘Feature Series‘ for those that crave even for more bike drama, more bike action, and more bike entertainment with inspiring Feature length cycling documentary films. These will be shown when we can find films that we believe inspire and entertain our audiences.

Dreaming big, and going BIGGER!

The Big Bike Film Night

Our 2019 collection has a breath-taking range of short movies that are original, educational, entertaining and most importantly of all – inspirational; all celebrating the fun, adventure and joy that cycling enables.

So whether its road cycling, fixed gear, mountain biking, downhill, BMX, uni-cycling, cargo bikes, bike touring, bike trekking, commuter, cruiser, cycle-cross, penne farthing, tri-cycle, tandem, … ALL are embraced, ALL accepted and ALL honoured in this tribute to the humble bike.

Cycle Chic Film Tour

Seeing the growing demand by female bike riders to have their stories told on the Big screen, we introduced the Cycle Chic Film Tour. A stand-alone bike film collection on an exciting new path -that off helping to inspire, encourage and celebrate women who love to bike.

Who is ‘Cycle Chic’ ? She’s an explorer who pushes boundaries, she’s courageous and she an advocate for change- all through the power of the humble bike.

The movies presented are diverse, real, and touching.

As the variety and quantity of films needed to form our next collection are not quite there yet we will be returning with our next line-up in 2020.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming screenings!

Brett Cotter - BBFN Film Pedlar | Photo: Alick Saunders