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big-bikeIn early 2014, there was an event that shook the bike community in Brett Cotter’s home town of Taupo, New Zealand- a newly installed Giant 3 metre Bike Statue had been viciously vandalised.

From this, an idea, an ambition, and a crusade to help have Taupo’s Giant Bike repaired and back up again unfolded.

The genesis of the BIG Bike Film Night was born.

A collection of generous film makers, film production companies and sponsors were approached and they whole heartedly supported this creative idea, along with them came a willing and caring local bike community.


February 2015 saw the inaugural screening of the Big Bike Film Night, part of the exciting Rotorua Bike Festival programme. Several months later Starlight Cinema was chosen as the venue for Taupo; it didn’t disappoint with a SELL OUT crowd on hand to support this great cause. The stylish Tivoli Cinema in Cambridge was selected for the final 2015 airing and once again patronage and enthusiasm was high.

Organising the Big Bike Film Night was a way of putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising and from the successful screenings $2300 was raised towards the Giant bike’s restoration.

Sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with our audience succeeded, and fans of the event eagerly enquired about when it was returning.


Growing the event was always the ambition for 2016 and taking the collection around the country. We introduced a Panel of Judges for selecting the film collections representing both the cycling and the film communities. The 2016 Panel met, critiqued and assessed the merits of the films being submitted and an eclectic collection with some bold and beautiful inspiring short bike films were selected.

During 2016 we visited new places, made new bike friends and for several hours bike fans were in their happy place.


It’s been a heck of a ride and we plan to go much further! This moveable feast- a travelling bike-themed short-film festival is going full tilt towards 2017.

Brett has a strong desire to make the event bigger and better and has introduced several new initiatives to the event. For 2017 we have a payment gateway so film fans can buy tickets straight away, avoiding missing out beforehand.

One initiative that Brett is most proud about is his ambition of having a ‘Sister act’ for the Big Bike Film Night. A collection of films helping to inspire, encourage and celebrate women who love to bike is one that he has had for a long, long time- good things take time.

Having top quality films shown in top quality cinema environments is paramount to the vision of Brett and the Big Bike Film Night.

Striving to have more fun, more screenings, bigger audiences and creating great events is what it is about, all this- dedicated to the humble bike.

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